X is for X-ray

There are not many X words to choose from. I went with X-ray because I like to imagine I had a part in purchasing the latest and greatest X-ray machine for my local hospital. My kids have had X-rays on nearly every part of their bodies over the years. Arms, legs, wrists, abdomen ….and I have had countless ultrasounds and mammograms. Maybe I should just purchase my own….for peace of mind. It would probably be cheaper.

Sure they have hurt themselves several times. It isn’t for lack of trying that they aren’t always walking around with some sort of band aid, or ice pack. The thing is, I would rather my kids take the risk, jump and run and ride bikes and rollerblade….then sit on the sidelines of life.

But…if you could X-ray their confidence…it is as strong and healthy as can be. I made a very unpopular decision to let my son play football next season. He was flat out amazing last year. The coach never even let him off the field, he would go from offense to defense and only slip to the sidelines for a sip of water before the whistle blew.  At the end of the season party, his coach came up to me, held my arm and said, ” It would be SIN to not let that boy play football.”  He knew I was leaning toward putting him back in soccer….where he also excels. (in fact, he played for the high school varsity soccer team in their indoor season all winter…as a 6th grader)

I’ve considered the possibility of him getting hurt. I’ve listened to family and friends (soccer friends) tell me I am being reckless. I know the risks… but he is that dang good, with a great big heart and a passion for sports that won’t be squashed by silly worries.

More visits to the X-ray machine are probably in his future. But that doesn’t scare me.

Where ever he is….hospital or park….he has the same great attitude. X-ray that, baby.  :)

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  1. It is said, over here in UK, because they never learn to evaluate risks when young (by being allowed to live life to full) leads to increase in dying in car crashes when teenagers (figures rising)well done for letting them live

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