W is for Wonder

W is for Wonder….I am reposting an old post, so that I can get on with the Work of the Day…Writing….Wow, I am still in a state of wonder that this IS my Work. 

My all time favorite fairy tale scene is when all the fairies gather as godmothers over the infant sleeping beauty to bestow their gifts. My all time favorite song is Wonder, probably because it reminds

 me of this scene.

A quote by Rachel Carson completes this picture, she wished that she could bestow a birth gift on every child, and it would be, “a sense of wonder so indestructible that it would last throughout life, as an unfailing antidote against the boredom and disenchantment of later years and the inevitable alienation from the sources of our strength.”

My much anticipated paycheck arrived. Self employment has it’s perks, timely paychecks are not one. In honor of it’s arrival I took my daughter shopping. Being the perpetual 7 year old that I am, we headed straight for the school supplies. She needed a folder and I needed a new felt tip pen. Then I saw it. I gasped audibly, a box…of, can it be? Yes, yes it is. I saw a box of 120 brand new crayola crayons. Wow, what a find, had to have it.

Riding this high, and completing my shopping, I let my little girl pick out whatever toothpaste she wanted. There are a lot of choices. After much deliberation she chose the the sparkle fun crest, in a pump. We were both totally psyched with our selection.

I set mine on my desk when we returned home. She ran right upstairs to try out her find. About 20 minutes later she came down, noticeably perturbed. “It doesn’t work,” she pouted. “Your toothpaste? Do you need help opening it?” I asked innocently. “No,” she said, ” I brushed TWO TIMES and look, No sparkles!” teeth bared, hands crossed over chest, foot tapping.

She was duped, poor thing. Undeniably my offspring.

Later that evening I totally understood her frustration. Upon opening my treasure box, I found not a wondrous collection of new and old favorites, but two boxes of 48 and a single box of 24 crayons inside. Adding insult to injury, there wasn’t even a sharpener.

You should not have to read the fine print on a box of crayons.

A child like sense of wonder can sometimes have odd results.

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