U is for Ukulele

U is for Ukulele…..
This post for the A to Z blogging challenge was easy.
I hardly ever see my son without his little Ophelia, 
as he named his first Ukulele. 
He taught himself how to play through all the unique websites available, like this one, Uke Hunt
his biggest fan is his little sis 
little bro is slightly amused
  playing happy birthday to his sister

His passion for the uke has spread to his extremely musical girlfriend. This little chic can play any instrument under the sun. In fact, she rented a cello, just for fun, so she could try it out. Of course she nearly mastered the thing.  Anyways, don’t they look all cute and old couple-ish with their little ukulele’s.

Unusual passions, like the ukulele, call for uncommon confidence and an unwavering faith in your abilities. Sometimes I look at my son and realize, I did an undeniably good job. :) 

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