T is for Tree

T is for tree….
not the trees that I paint, nor the tree sculptures….
not even the forest I love to wander in near my house.
No, the tree I am dedicating this blog post to is very deserving. He is a true survivor, my Christmas tree. 
Instead of tossing my cut tree, like I do each and every year…
(sometime between Christmas day and New Years Eve…. )
I set it outside, stand and all. 
It sat on my patio so the kids and I could decorate it for the birds…..
we did a little bit..
until I realized I was luring the poor hungry birds to their ultimate death. 
Between my calico cat and my dog, birds are not safe….
and I did not want to witness any more violence.

But, the tree stayed. It just sat there through blizzards, ice storms, snow and more snow… thunderstorms, heat and on and on…..
.instead of dying, that tree got healthier and healthier.  
It is now April 23, months after we cut it down. CUT it down, this thing should have died…..between the weather and the fact that, oh, I don’t know…does not have roots.  

It is quite alive though, not a dropped needle. 

I will post pics of that gorgeous Christmas tree, sitting in the Christmas tree stand still….later.

It is a little late, and this Easter Bunny has lots of work to do still….
I am also playing the Tooth Fairy tonight,
 busy night in make believe land
favorite shot of my daughter back when she wore outfits like this everyday
rollerblading with fairy wings 
a leotard 
and safety gear
too cute 
and just as magical as the never-say-die Christmas tree!


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5 thoughts on “T is for Tree

  1. LOVE this, Sylvie. Your tree and ours…well, ours fell over a few days ago, so it must be returned to the woods. But it lived from Christmas and …well, I thought I was the only one who…eh, never mind…mustn't let the crazy show too often ;) Cheers!

  2. I can't believe your Christmas tree is still alive, although I've heard they cut them and ship them to lots months before Christmas and they aren't given any water during that time so I guess if you got a really fresh tree. The picture of your daughter is adorable!

  3. Hey Sylvie ~~ I'm popping in from the A~Z Challenge (what's left of it , anyway …)Only a few more days … and my brain feels like it's been "fried" … dunno how others are feeling …Your tree is an example of Nature having her own way . Cute pic of your little one … :)~MICHELLE~http://writer-in-transit.co.za/category/other/rambles-rants-and-raves/

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