S is for Self Sabotage

S is for Self Sabotage
Self Sabotage, I have this concept down to a science.
I actually have a few main scenarios that I follow depending on what I am sabotaging. 

Get psyched about a project, plan it down the minut details, plan some more, get more excited, start working on it….take a break, decide it wasn’t quite worth it and fizzle out. Beat myself up that I didn’t follow through…ooo shiny thing….get psyched about a new project, start planning….


Work extra hard, impress all the right people. Get my foot in the door. Procrastinate. Don’t say no to anything. Start too many side projects, get overloaded, lose opportunities.


Start new workout/diet/schedule go gung ho for a few days, skip one workout/make a “bad” food choice/stay up too late….sabotage.


Wait until the last possible moment to get started on a project. Make it as difficult as possible to pull it together by the deadline, either by not having the right material on hand, or by running on fumes because I stayed up too late again, or had too much caffeine, or any amount of sugar. (I don’t handle sugar well)

It’s like part of me is a double agent, a mole. Working both sides against me.  The bigger my dream, the harder the spy works to block me from the right path. Oh, I know where it is and what needs to be done, but will make it physically impossible to pursue by pushing myself to do something else first….and then I am too tired to bother with the big thing.

I can see the pattens..and yet at this moment, as I am typing this post, I am self sabotaging myself. I have financial goals to hit by the end of this month…but, am putting off doing what needs to be done AND, have only managed a few hours of sleep last night. Time to take out the mole.

Steps to regain control;
1. Sleep- zombies make too many mistakes
2. Write out a plan each morning – I know when I do, I do well
3. K.I.S.S.  (keep it simple, stupid – or silly)….stop trying to cram more and more into a workday.
4. finally, drink more water- just because I feel better when I do.


Hope you enjoyed my little therapy session.
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 WOW, I AM GOOD!  Not only did I write a post about self sabotage…I SPELLED it wrong!  
Changed it…but that doesn’t seem to change the address, ah well, how apropos.
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14 thoughts on “S is for Self Sabotage

  1. It's as if you crawled inside my head and stole my thoughts. That doesn't make you a thief, rather kindred spirits.I also didn't really mean to feature ANOTHER Y!CN(er) today but geesh, you're just as amazing as the rest of them ;) Cheers and glad to know you :) PS: love your outta the box thinkin' too :)

  2. wow! really sounds like me, or should i say old me lol, as I'm really trying hard to fix the habits of a lifetime lol. love n hugs joss xx

  3. When you develop the habits of self-sabotaging, it is very difficult to break. I am glad I have gotten over some of those old negatives, but I still have a few more to overcome. I could relate to your post. I wish you success at the small things for they will lead to bigger ones!

  4. great post! we do sabotage ourselves, and most of the time we don't even know we're doing it!Great meeting you through the A-Z!nutschellwww.thewritingnut.com

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