Q is for Quit

Stop the madness.  Q is for Quit.  Just Quit it already. 
 What is dragging you down?  What can you cut from your life with little regret?  

There are things in your life ( and mine) that we keep doing….fully aware that these crazy makers are not leading us to our dreams.  I had been writing for every company under the sun that hired me, teaching every possible class period offered, making art to show and sell……because I could, or so I thought.  But, in reality I was hurting my chances at ever being successful in any area. Stretched too thin is an understatement. Although I am writing this in past tense, I am actually still in the midst of figuring out what to quit and what to keep. Recently, I paired down the companies I write for…some say this isn’t a smart move, that I should keep my options open. Well, I think doing excellent work will open more doors than just managing to keep up with bare minimum quotas. 

There is something to be said for having multiple streams of income, and I am not discounting this, just taking a step back to figure out where this freight train is leading me. My goals may not be the same as the writer who maintains 10 different freelance accounts. Right now, my writing eggs are centralized in two main baskets, with a third on the shelf. This gives me time to concentrate on other writing goals…and LIFE goals.  
Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
~Albert Einstein

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