O is for Oh No, not again

 Okee dokee. It happened again.  I wrote about the “Wonder Woman Incident” below in my N post for the A to Z challenge. If that was all, it would have been enough….but no, of course not. Today’s letter O is brought to you by the phrase Oh No!   When I am on a roll…

Sunday was a costume party for my sixteen year old niece…I even blogged about the invite back in March, “Grease-inspired Costume Party”   after outlining probable costume ideas, I even wrote this haunting sentence, “…..really not a fan of “forced uniforms” regardless if it is a creative theme. Rebellious at heart. Will probably fit right into a Rizzo themed pink lady costume with this attitude.”  

Well, guess what?  I went as my version of a pink lady.  Leather skirt, sky high black patent leather platform pumps, black and white striped t-shirt, a cropped black cardigan and a silky scarf tied around my neck. I wore bright lipstick and painted my nails hot pink. My sixteen year old daughter did much the same. We thought we were “all that” on the way to the party.  I even drove my black mustang with the hot pink detailing. 

Once entering the diner….we realized we were “all that.. and a big ol’ sack of potatoes” 

Sure, some people dressed up….if you call a white T-shirt and blue jeans “dressed up”  or a ponytail tied with a scarf. There were even a few poodle skirts…on the eight year olds. The hostess, the one I blogged about and said, “and I know it will as authentic and over the top as possible….this lady is all about authenticity”
 she was wearing a red and white polka dot blouse, jeans and a pair of regular flats, technically moccasins, not even TRYING if you ask me. 

One other minor detail…I am tall compared to my in-laws. Freakishly tall. Amazon woman tall. These 5 foot-nothing folks were like ants to me in my sky-high black patent leather pumps. No, fading into the background for me, or my freak-of-nature 5’7″ daughter, who was wisely wearing black flats.

We quickly found a seat at the counter while I frantically texted  “it happened AGAIN”  Only me, this doesn’t happen to Oprah, she has people for just this sort of situation. I should have cased the joint, packed a back-up outfit in my trunk…..faked an illness, amnesia, anything would have been better than hanging around in my hooker get-up among the proper.

This has been some weekend. I think I can blame part of my wild misjudgment of social norms on the funeral…those things always throw me for a loop. The resulting failures were my attempt to LIVE in the MOMENT…unfortunately the moments seemed stuck in time as I foolishly stumbled through and completely misjudged situations.

Since I am on such a roll…I am going to link to a blog that has little to do with the letter O….

Hyperbole and a Half    enjoy “The Awkward Moment” cartoons and if you are Observant, you will see the connection, don’t worry it’s Obvious.

  off the record….it was a LAME costume party….  

 the stripes are all wonky…and the leather seems to have added 20 pounds…but there is my ridiculous get up…minus the ruby red lips, that was applied closer to the party.

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  1. I read your nonconformist post as well as the Oh No, not again post and now I'm following your blog! Does that mean I am a conformist? I don't know but I enjoyed your posts. :)

  2. I like people who go a little off the path of normal. Just sayin'.Oh, and I am awarding your blog for its utter awesomeness. You can go here to get your goodies: :O)http://www.word-nerd-speaks.com/2011/04/bloggity-blog-award.html

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