L is for Leap

The A to Z blogging challenge brings us to the Letter L. There are so many L words that could star today, life, love, linger, laugh…I decided to give the spotlight to LEAP, with supportive roles granted to several others.

Leap to me defines my favorite way to LIVE. 
Decide what I want to do and then LEAP in to the unknown.
I LOVE making giant, frightening LEAPS…
Some people much smarter than I, depend on education, training and other people to determine if they are worthy of a new role. I recently discovered a highly talented art teacher in my school has NEVER shown her art. In fact, the art she has is mainly the result of assignments given to her in college -college classes she graduated from a full 20+ years ago….or examples for teaching elementary school students. 
That perplexes me, while she holds a fine arts degree and talent oozes out her pores, she never took a leap. She said, she was never asked. 
Just LEAP! 
 and then…laugh at yourself (mistakes will happen), linger around the new territory, open all the doors, look under all the rocks, find your own way…and finally, 
don’t LOOK back! 
You need to claim the events of your life to make yourself yours. When you truly posses all you have been and done, which may take some time, you are fierce with reality. ~ Flonda Scott Maxwell
write a book, show your art, dance, play roller derby, sky dive, hike, bungee jump, scuba dive 
whatever your dream
Linger by the Cranberries
love this song, this band
if you want to laugh…enjoy this Veggietale
Larry the Cucumber
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