J is for Junie B

My name is Junie B. ‘Cept I don’t know what the B stands for. The people just say that, and that’s all.
I am five years old. I don’t know what happened exactly. See I was losted and scared and hungry, very hungry. Some people put me in their car and then fed me. The next day these super nice people came and took me home. I don’t know how they knew I was there, but they liked me right away. I don’t know why. Beweave it or not, I wasn’t very a cutie back then. No sirree, my hair was ugly and I acted very scared all the time, cuz I was… but they loved me and loved me and now I am very happy.

In fact some of my favoritest things to do in the whole world is go to this place with my people. We walk and walk and sometimes if I am a lucky I see a duck or a deer. They MAKE ME VERY EXCITED.

Life is good now. I sleep in a cozy basket, wake up when I want to and go outside. Then I eat and drink as much water as I want. The girl takes me for a long walk and then I nap. Sometimes I like to watch TV, the people like to watch balls as much as I do, can you believe that?  I think they call it basketball, but that can’t be right, my basket doesn’t have a big hole in it. I think it is just fetch.

 I love everything about my life…cept for the big meanie Liza Jane. I don’t like that cat. She scares me very much. See, she won’t even show her face. She has a real attitude. But my people like her so I guess I have to deal with it.

 Then there is that Louie. Liza and Louie are both twelve years old. So they think they know it all. Most of the time I just do my own thing and leave those two big meanies alone. But sometimes they play with me. They are okay then. I am not gushy about them, but I sometimes like to sleep on that Louie’s old attractive pillow and he lets me.

Well that’s all. Mrs.asked me to help her out today since she is working very much.

 See you later, crocodile!
After a while, alligator! 

Thanks, Junie B for taking care of the letter of the day in the A to Z blogging challenge. ~Sylvie

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6 thoughts on “J is for Junie B

  1. What a cutie you are Junie B! And such a helpful pup to your mom!Tell her I stopped by from the A-Z Challenge and had a great time meeting you :)

  2. Oh you're right! And you know a funny thing–Joel's middle name is B, too, only it is B.B. (we call him Joel Billy Bowl sometimes). Junie, I'm so glad you found a nice home with people who love you!

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