G is for Galaxy

G is for Galaxy….
A to Z blogging challenge
I am heading down to judge a state wide art competition for grades 3-12 today. In fact, I am charge of all the artwork from my school – it is a big responsibility, I worry all the way through this event – and the weeks and months leading up to it- if I can handle it. If I can safely transport all my students best work without any damage. It would have to rain today. Why I volunteer for such a job, I have no idea. Seriously, it is not so wise to give a flighty artist so much responsibility.
or so I say. 
Look at the images from NASA…the youtube video posted above it just remarkable. God himself is an artist, those colors, the composition – Gorgeous, simply gorgeous. Heavens declare his Glory.
 All the artwork, the massive amount of paperwork and gobs of brain power required to get through this weekend…
is nothing more than a blip on the radar
no, not even a blip
this day will be here and gone
the beautiful art work that these talented kids worked on
but the ridiculously massive galaxies remain
we are so small
*giggles nervously*
gee golly that’s
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  1. Gorgeous pictures! The only "A" I received in college, other than some law classes, was in Astronomy. Absolutely enthralling. Cool that you do that for the students! No sweat – you got it.

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