F is for Fail

The A to Z blogging challenge brings us to Failure.  See the big red F ?
Does it make your heart beat faster?
  Are you having flashbacks?  (another good F word)
Get a grip. 
If you going to accomplish anything in life, you have to be willing to fail. My life is marked with failures, some small, inconsequential to anyone but me, others larger than life that could have signaled the end for me….but didn’t. My theory is a little strange – bear with me.
I have a rich and fascinating imagination. Fairy tales and surreal books of all genres have taken root in my psyche. I have to be careful of what I read or watch on TV or in movies, I fall into the stories, things get muddled in my mind. This is a gift, not a disorder. Feel deeply, love madly and create oddities with ease.
Reality doesn’t always feel real. 
There is a disconnect within me that lets me toss the failure in a proverbial trash bag and say au-revoir.
This is also how I clean sometimes. When life gets to be too crowded, I grab a bag and go “trash bag cleaning” throughout the house. Tossing anything that isn’t loved, clutter and stuff, extras and non-essentials. Then I give or toss-depending on what is in the bag. It doesn’t matter anymore, it’s gone.
Failure is a gift. 
It’s like God himself saying, No, not that way little girl. Try again. 
So I do. 
I try something new.

My imperfections and failures are as much a blessing from God as my successes and my talents and I lay them both at his feet.”  ~Gandhi

Failure can be fun. What is really at stake? My reputation? Whatever. It’s like losing a lot of weight. People quickly forget what you used to look like when you were, um larger. A girl from my neighborhood had gastric bypass surgery done, no one really saw her for six months ( winter in Cleveland )
When she emerged from hibernation – she was thin, very fit. I couldn’t quite picture her heavy anymore. 
It didn’t matter. She looked fantastic and was happy with herself. 
No need to remind anyone of your failures. 
Move along little doggie. 
If you fail, get up. You know, you used to do that. I may not know you all that well but I can practically  guarantee that when you were a toddler, you fell down frequently. If you are walking now, take that as proof that you are a resilient creature. Capable of doing amazing things. 
even if it means you have to fail the first…second … third time…..

I can relate to Wile E. Coyote
look how hopeful he looks
but you know what’s coming……

Back to the drawing board, baby


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12 thoughts on “F is for Fail

  1. Liked your take on failure. Who among us hasn't failed numerous times? Michael Jordan talks about how he often failed before he accomplished his successes. Success follows failure, as long as you keep trying.

  2. I used to FREAK OUT about failure. Mostly in school though, where it kind of is a big deal. Lately I've realized that, once I fail/make a mistake, all I can do is 'fess up, learn from it, and do better next time. It is a relief, and DEFINITELY like losing weight!- allison writes

  3. Wonderful post! I especially loved this: "Failure is a gift. It's like God himself saying, No, not that way little girl. Try again. So I do. I try something new."

  4. I wish that I didn't internalize failure. I guess for the most part I don't, if I cook something and it tastes bad, I just throw it out and make something else. Big things I don't handle as well, I'll try to follow your logic about it being a "gift" I've never thought of it that way before, maybe a fresh perspective can help me move past failures and try again.

  5. This is quite encouraging and oh, so, true. If I'd stopped when everything inside me said I wasn't worth anything a writer, I wouldn't be at it today.God is a God of second chances, so on the life front, I get to start over and make better decisions each day. Thanks!

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