E is for Extraordinary

Extraordinary is one of my favorite words. I don’t often use it in conversation, rarely even plug it into my writing…it is too special, too fancy. It means, beyond what is usual, ordinary, regular, or established. It is should describe something that is over the top, noteworthy.
In order to accomplish something extraordinary it is important to aim for something big. Something that just floating along in life won’t bring you. Goals, plus passion and focus are key to making an extraordinary impact. 

Like a lot of people, I have big goals. I am virtually bursting with passion and excitement for these goals…sometimes I can stay focused, but more often than not my scatterbrained self pulls me from one goal to the next…never really ever accomplishing anything Extraordinary.  Aside from that, I am typically exhausted. Too much to do, too many plans and thoughts….too little time. or so I say. 

There is time, I am just flat out disorganized. Disorganization rules in my brain. Thoughts are spilling out from every drawer, ideas litter the interior of my noggin. (this mirrors the disorganization in my home)  it is clean, it is not terribly cluttered, but it is far from organized.

Paralyzed by a never-ending to-do list, deadlines, mommy guilt and all that accompanies being an artist at heart.keeps me from ever really doing anything extraordinary. Discipline – my word of the day on my Body Mad blog for D-day has to play a major part in pushing past the ordinary.

This is not an overinflated sense of self either. I believe people have far more capacity for doing remarkable, extraordinary things than is being done. Keeping the status quo and doing what we have always done, because that’s the way it is done,  is just ordinary. Go above and beyond , Be Extraordinary.

Strangely enough, a shampoo commercial captures the word well. Pantene nailed the word in this emotional commercial of a deaf and mute girl who learned to play the violin. She proved herself extraordinary.

Liz Phair

Be Extraordinary
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10 thoughts on “E is for Extraordinary

  1. I'm feeling a strange affinity for you right now–strange, because this blogfest is such a frantic pace, so finding a post I totally could have written is pretty cool. We seem to have the same sense of the word (and reverence for it and belief we really COULD achieve it anyway)

  2. "Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid." ~ Albert EinsteinCelebrate extraordinary! :O)

  3. Not *exactly* on topic (though I can relate!), it bugs me when people say extra-ordinary instead of EXTROOOOOORDINARY! because the word seems to require an impressive pronunciation. Extra-ordinary just sounds too plain, literally!- allison writes

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