A is for Adventure

On the first day of the A to Z blogging challenge, my word is Adventure. 

I am an Adrenaline-Adventure junkie. Some of my adventures are fairly tame in comparison to, say, moving half way across the world, or riding a bike from coast to coast as some of my friends have done. But, for a quiet late bloomer, my Achievements are satisfying, to me….

When I am too long between adventures, I get antsy.There needs to be something big to plan for, some big goal to achieve.

For 26 days in April (minus Sundays) I will be posting a blog for each letter of the alphabet.
                                 “Sylvie’s letter of the day”
I am all for challenges, so when this was dangled in front of me in my writers group, I grabbed it.

Hundreds of people signed up, literally 1037 people. Go ahead, Sign up here, if you dare.

This mini adventure is fairly mundane, but with 1000+ bloggers jumping in, stalking each other, chatting away everyday, something good is bound to happen.

History of the writing Adventure
Writing is an adventure for me. I like privacy. In fact, I really am anti-social at heart. Writing had always been extremely private….
….until I began testing the waters in a Myspace blog.
Immediate reactions, instant gratifications; I quickly succumbed to the lure of throwing my heart into cyberspace.

From Myspace to this blog, then to teaching creative writing and now to freelance writing full time.

P.S.  Runners up for the letter of the day included the obvious choice-Art, Awesome and Adrenaline…..Adventure won this honorable recognition by looking at me with his wild eyes, I am really am a sucker for adventure. 

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