Challenge Addiction

I am never bored…if something starts to feel less than challenging, or fun…I move along. There are too many wonderful things to try in the world. I am not one to endlessly prepare, rather, I like to jump right in and give it shot. Most of the time I find myself WAY over my head, but when it is easy…and the tiny hint of boredom starts to creep in, I’m done. 

Yahoo! surprised me. Just a few months ago, I considered leaving due to low pay and lack of challenge  Well, now I have work piled up and it is very challenging.  Two daily sports beats, three fashion beats, a few random targeted assignments and a gadzillion parenting beats, or so it seems. ha.  Parenting was a topic I was a featured contributor in…and it was a topic I was considering dropping. Sure I have four kids, have been a foster mom and have oodles of experience….I just stumbled when coming up with 4 topics each month. Now I have to write up to twelve parenting articles a week. yikes!  Challenging….this is good.

If you ever want to try writing, start here. The link will take you to associated content from Yahoo!  Sign up, and start contributing! 

There are so many areas of my life where I just DID something, thought later. I encourage anyone to just give it a try. Stop second guessing, just get out there and do something ridiculous, scary and challenging. Failure is fine. You may be surprised at how fun it is just to say you tried.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said “Do one thing every day that scares you.”  Love that.  Not every scary thing is big, most days I am scared of the silliest things, but it still counts.
Baby steps, baby.

Read anything by Keri Smith.  Her wacky ideas will have you dancing on top of the box you find yourself in. 

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