Freelance Writing Turned Me Into a Compulsive Gambler

Freelance writing has turned me into a compulsive gambler. It’s true. I recently wrote an article highlighting a few contests and favorite contest websites of mine. It only scratched the surface.

The very process of crafting a story and then throwing it out to the wolves ( er,  editors) is really just a gamble. Some companies are riskier than others, but I keep going back, since the “prizes” (translated, pay)  they offer are so more attractive than the less risky sites.  If they never bought a ‘big’ article, I could walk away, (I think)….but since the ratio is more like one in five, I continue to test my luck.

Lately I’ve been running across slogan, logo, essay and photo contests that are too “easy” to pass up. What’s five minutes when I could win *insert prize here*  So far I’ve won several gift certificates to Amazon, a funky piece of jewelry and a DVD that will be re-gifted. These little gifts keep my hopes up on the trips to Spain, New York City, Bahamas, shoes, toys and electronics….someone has to win, right?

It’s pathetic, I’ve never been one to use coupons, or turn in a Publisher’s Clearing House. I don’t watch game shows, have no desire to go gamble in Las Vegas or any casino really…but will spend precious brain power on crafting a new slogan in order to ‘win the big one’

Aside from the possible wins, here is how I justify my newest obsession….it’s keeping my brain strong. Suduko and crossword puzzles are not the only brain gymnastics on the block, baby. Alright…mama needs a new pair of shoes…. : )  Wish me luck!