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Something finally clicked yesterday. It’s been literally months since I picked up a paintbrush, my wire tools or anything remotely close to artwork. Sure, I’ve painted a bedroom and made little graduation cap centerpieces for my son’s school ceremony…Martha Stewart would be proud….but no real art.  In fact there is a 3/4 mural done in my hallway that I’ve completely abandoned. It is obviously not done….and I have no desire to continue. (in fact it’s all going under a dark layer of paint soon)

Writing took center stage for a long while. The instant gratification of paychecks and visual proof that I am in fact working, really sucked the life out of my art. BUT, at the same time writing drew me back. I stayed up till the wee hours of the morning sketching and planning and scheming how I’ll put aside time…and put my studio back together. As a writer for eHow I write on a lot of art related topics, that’s how I landed the job I think. My years of experience creating and teaching gave me a background they were looking for. Art articles go through with minimal to no edits, while other articles are full of rewrites and second tries. For months now I’ve put my blinders on and worked, unfazed, until yesterday.

Yesterday I wrote an assignment on oil pastels. Nothing fancy, I’m actually not fond of the medium, but while adding research notes at the bottom I came across a piece of art that reminded me of something….it reminded me of the backgrounds I love to paint and that did it. 

After my head finally hit the pillow last night, I remembered my scribbled goals the very first time I worked through the Artist’s Way book….’to be an artist, to be a teacher and to be a writer’. At the time I was none of them, only a big dreamer. Now I’m officially a freelance writer, officially a teacher and the spark has finally returned to create. Wow, too bad I didn’t add ‘to be independently wealthy’    

This will be interesting to see how it all fits together.  Stay tuned.

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