Snuggie War

 Anyone who knows me, knows I am against Snuggies. The marketing genius behind the awkward blanket with sleeves, is, on the other hand someone not to be ignored. That man could take over the world.

Truth is, there is a snuggie in my home. My daughter bought one to wear to her formal as a joke…and yes, I did try it on. So now I have a first hand complaint, for one, it really is just a blanket…with sleeves. Truth in advertising I suppose, but I was expecting something to stay on not flop 5 inches on the ground and over my hands while not being attached in the back.

No, thanks, I’ll stick to with my cozy patagonia fleece, it keeps me warm and it fits.  And, since my girlfriend asked me to run in an upcoming marathon, lounging around in a snuggie isn’t going to happen. I’ll be staying warm on a proform elliptical until the weather breaks and then lacing up a pair of asics sneakers.

My other complaint with a snuggie is the implication it can be worn to sporting events, or outdoors…not without tripping all over it…or looking like a bizarre cult member….that’s my girl in the blue snuggie…tied together with a ribbon…

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