Leaving on a Jet Plane

My daughter was born to travel. Her career aspiration since she was aware of the possibility, is to be a photographer….and travel the world.  Every trip is an adventure to her, every corner coffee shop or rest area is an amazing new place to explore.

Her dream to fly is coming true this year. I was so excited when she opened her birthday card and airline tickets fell out. She’s going to Florida with her cousin in about a month….but she’s already packed and has saved enough money for “adventuring” whatever that might entail.

I know this won’t be her last trip either, Lonely Planet is bookmarked on her computer and gets frequent hits. To say she’s going places isn’t just a phrase. She really is going places. Anyplace. Anytime.

Now that she has a very lucrative babysitting job, (seriously, she makes a killing), I know she’ll constantly be on the lookout for cheap flights , airline tickets and places to escape to for the day. Happy to tag along, she’s been to hundreds of soccer games for her siblings, national tournament and events, my art shows and my uncanny ability to get lost anywhere….often leading to more places to explore as we find our way back!  

While she hasn’t traveled far in her 15 years on the planet. I do try to take her to as many interesting places as possible. Places her camera can capture in unique ways. So, I was very happy when My Travel Web featured an article on Cleveland, (January 7th). It featured info on the Old Arcade.  A fabulous choice for a day trip…suggested by an authority.

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