Mirror. mirror on the wall

Winter is the time to practice a little funky shui with new mirrors.   Yes, I said funky shui. It’s the casual approach to feng shui.  While I do appreciate the ancient art of feng shui, and love a reason to declutter the house, the rules always trip me up. I get bogged down in the details….end up having nightmares of dragons swallowing the kitchen because of a poorly placed mirror or dirty stove, or money being whisked out the backdoor in a great unstoppable wave, because the lid to the toilet was left up.

The yearly ritual of pulling out the feng shui books usually ends with me cleaning out the closets, rearranging furniture, shining the stove and remembering to always close the lid to the toilet. This also inspires me to add a few new plants and place mirrors in helpful places. Mirrors are sometimes called the feng shui aspirin..and Lord knows I need an aspirin after trying to figure out the bagua map.

At the thrift store where I volunteer, the manager thought it was time to toss the ridiculously large collection of mirrors we had sitting in storage. Free for the taking, the rest would be tossed into the dumpster out back. Mirrors. Breakable mirrors. I did not want that job. Ever piece of folklore, old wives tale, fairy tale, myth, superstition and general thrifty decorating mentality screamed inside at the thought.

So, I set a few aside….and got busy making coffee, let the guys take the seven year fall.  


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