Funky Shui

For fun ideas to what I mean by Funky Shui, check out my recent article on this style of decorating….
Funky Shui, Decorate Your Way Out of the Winter Doldrums

Personally I am waiting patiently for my second favorite sales of the year…the after Valentine’s Day extravaganza.  ( my first love will always be back to school shopping sales, 10 cent notebooks are dreamy) My bedroom needs a little something something.  I changed the style up last year to an almost cabaret type look, with 3 deep chocolate brown walls and one lipstick red accent wall….funky red curtains with tassles and a leopard print side lamp. The after Valentines day sales rounded out the look with trims and red silky things.

My house is an ever evolving fairy tale forest, with this room in the back our little secret, funky shui.

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