Transposing….that’s the word I was looking for. For whatever reason I find it enormously difficult to explain anything on the spot. I could write it out for you, just hand me a pen… but to think on my feet, that is a heruculean task that I shy away from. 

That is exactly what is behind my apparent shyness over the years, a simple factory flaw. I was not equipped with the little mechanism that allows coherent words to come directly from my head to my mouth in any reasonable amount of time.

I’ve learned to deal with it, mostly by preparing….and not living so much in the stories in my head when in public, writing and art invite me to escape to the playground of my mind. Now that I’m working on finishing up a novel though, the time spent with my characters is clearly more intense than day to day interactions. And with the addition of a teeny tiny portable notebook computer into my family, I needed to come up with a concise statement that makes sense to the ‘man on the street’ who casually asks what I’m working on.

Like the simple question, how are you today?, it requires a simple answer. Preferably one without a lot of possible follow-up questions.  Transposing, is simply laying one thing over the other, hand motions are even possible….but since it is a big word, the possibiliy of follow-up is rare.

I know I am showing my vulnerability and extreme oddness with this post, but the truth is I am fine with all this, at this stage in the game, there is no reason to pretend that I am anything but who I am. So that’s that, like the characters in The Big Bang Theory, I have my quirks, and don’t really mind them all that much.

So, when asked what the book is about….I can say I am transposing a true story over a collection of fairy tales, blurring the lines between fantasy and reality….and if they ask anything else…well, you’ll have to wait for the book to come out!  : )


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