show me the money

As a very hands on person, I like the idea of investing in gold, rather than the ‘on paper’ stocks and bonds. To be able to see the gold and know that it’s real and worth what I put into it…and will be far into the future, feels right to me. Okay, I’ve been influenced by my dad, he believes in investing in gold. Has collected coins of all sorts for many years. This has served him well and there is an ease that is not seen in the stock crowd.

My dad is in good company too, aside from all the people who are currently benefiting from gold investments, gold has been a source of wealth since ancient times.

This doesn’t mean turning in my gold jewelry in for cash. I’m looking at buying actual gold and building a real portfolio. How very grown up of me.  Such a late bloomer, it is clearly time to give some thought to the future and not just what I’m doing next Saturday!

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