Winter Break

Winter break, time to regroup and refocus for the remainder of the school year. Check out online tutoring if need be.  The chance to breathe is good. The opportunity to really look at the kids academic strengths and weaknesses is priceless. As a teacher in a charter school, I’m very aware of the holes in teaching. Classrooms are designed to cater to the average student, driving the ones that excel to boredom and the ones that struggle in the dust.

Math problems are the enemy in my home and we could all use a little help, okay, a lot of help and math answers while we’re being honest.  Online math tutoring is really the best I can do for my kids. I cannot be counted on as an authority. Getting by in math is not enough with the level of math knowledge they need. 

Good one-on-one tutoring is going to be needed for precalculus help and without a doubt statistics help
because personally, I don’t even know what would be involved in their statistics class.

Now that my son is fairly clear on his direction, he knows there will be classes that he will most definitely need to do excellent in. Getting some chemistry help will be paramount to his success. There is no way he can build the best transcript possible without pulling his chemistry and math grades up.

I love the idea of online tutoring. Teens have such wacky schedules there is no way we can commit to yet another appointment. Being able to pop in when there is a need, is awesome and completely fits with our life.  


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