Wishing on a star


I’m dreaming of a Myrtle Beach resort…. baby it’s cold in here.

Unseasonably warm weather in Ohio, has allowed me to keep my furnace off completely. The kids know I won’t turn it up until there is actual snow on the ground…and since we are yet to see snow, no heat.
But since temperatures hit the low teens…I gave in and went to turn it on a few days ago, just to be nice.

Nothing. Turns out the furnace is broke. This is not good. Christmas shopping is nearly complete and they money is all wrapped up in pretty little packages now.

Knowing people, who know people, who know people is always handy though and the furnace guy is on his way. Yeah.

So the house will be cozy again…or cozy enough…and I can go back to planning my trip to the oceanfront Myrtle Beach Hotel…there are very nice New Year’s Eve packages. Since I don’t care so much if it’s warm, heading to a resort in Myrtle Beach in January sounds like a plan. 

Walking along the beach, making New Years resolutions, wishing on a star..fish…


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