Road Trip!

Like moving, road trips are the most fun when it’s spontaneous and slightly whacked. The improbability of hoping in the car and traveling cross country with days notice makes it even more fun.
Knowing your car is supremely important, check the oil, remember to look at the gages, fill with gas occassionally….and if there is an issue, take it in.

San Francisco auto repair is what I’ll be typing in once I hit the opposite coast. Checking out all the possible places ahead of time is simply a good idea. Knowing where to service the Honda accord  is something my girlfriend and I should have checked out before hitting the road last time. 

We’ve learned the hard way for sure!  Thelma and Louise we are not….but in order to keep the adventures coming I’m willing to learn. Or at least learn where to find a guy to replace a timing belt on the fly.

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