Since you asked

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  On the way to my brothers house for dinner, I was asked what I really wanted for Christmas. My response was…hmmm, I really don’t need anything in particular, am completely content with where I am and what I have. Actually, I’ve been quite focused on giving STUFF away, to make life easier, and help others. Going shopping has never been a ‘fun’ thing to do, shopping=entertainment, is just not me. And as far as gifts go, I’d so much rather spend time with people, go for walks in the woods or along the lake.
BUT, and this is a BIG BUT, if money were no object, there is one thing I would very very very much want…very much….a HYDROWORX swim spa.   Yes, this would be the the ultimate gift. No, it would be the uber gift. Honestly the one thing I would splurge on if I ever had money fall in my lap….book contract, inheritance, lottery…
Their line of exercise pools are simply the bomb. Athletes of all stripes use these for training and therapy, Pittsburgh Steelers, LSU, Texas Tech, University of Kansas, Manchester United…..  Swim spas speed recovery and the resistance training looks to be so, well, I’ll admit it….FUN.
Running on a water treadmill looks incredibly more attractive than braving the elements day after day. And the very fact that I’d have to slip into my bathing suit before working out…would make the actual working out more of a priority!  Yikes, talk about incentive.

Every since I started playing roller derby, I’ve realized how soaking in a hot bath can help those beat up limbs. Imagine the feeling in a home swim spa, complete with jacuzzi and aquatic therapy equipment. Just sitting in a hot tub isn’t enough….being able to keep working out when my muscles are too sore to strap on the skates or hit the trail would be amazing.  I really love this idea and would be more than willing to give up a room in my home to make this happen…you know, since I’ve been getting rid of stuff left and right anyways.   

So, forget the jewelery, slippers and other token gifts…pool the money and ‘surprise’ me with the ultimate gift!   Since you asked…
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