While I’m fantasizing…and feeling guilty for bashing the US….a little, Spain, come on now….Anyways, I have to wonder sometimes why I stay landlocked in Ohio, when there are so many gorgeous places to live in the States.
If you count the Great Lakes, then I’m not completely landlocked…but the so called “North Coast” is small potatoes compared to the Atlantic or the Pacific.
Maybe I should look into Boston Real Estate. Near the harbor..I’m sure my midwestern accent would stand out like a sore thumb, darn speech classes….but I don’t talk to too many people.
Boston Lofts look perfect. High ceilings, downtown, ocean views…ahhhhh.  I even like sweaters and love Chowda. That was clearly the highlight of the Red Sox game for me a few years back, listening to the concession workers hawking “chowda”, “any one want some chowda” “chowda here”
That amused me. (baseball rarely holds my gnat like attention span)

Bushari Group Real Estate
will be getting a call when my book goes best seller…I could find some Boston luxury real estate, a nice loft like this one, slip on a warm sweater and wander down to the harbor to contemplate my next masterpiece….  

or just step out of my tiny house in Cleveland and imagine…

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