My sister in law owns an insurance agency. This is more proof she has super powers. Growing up as the oldest, I didn’t a have a built in idol, I found all my heroes through books. I never gravitated towards the super ambitious, business types. Never desired to break any glass ceilings, my goal was simply to stay out of cubicle. Whatever it takes, stay away from people in suits, keep my distance from women who lunch and wear tennis shoes with their designer duds.
Then, this chick comes into my life. Now, I do not want her life. But, at forty she went from running a extremely successful office to opening her own insurance agency. This girl knows her stuff, she quotes and explains and gives advice to things I don’t even have a single reference point for. Insurance confuses me to no end.
I have no problem leaving it up to the gifted and talented. One thing she did teach me is to take the few minutes to have your current policy requoted, check to see what they can do for you.  No need to understand the ins and outs, have an agent tell you what’s what.   So, take a moment, check your rates and your coverages, give the suits something to do.

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