Lime green vinyl chairs…I love these. They are only $ 50 for the set too. But, alas, I have no where to put them. The place I’ve been volunteering my time, Second Mile West, has loads of very interesting treasures though.   I usually wind up spending a couple dollars every few days, my latest favorite finds were a stack of records ( to melt into record bowls…pictures to follow, I wound up using a disposable camera and have to wait for the CD to be developed, ugh! not used to that)  I can never feel bad for spending money there though, 80% of all purchases goes directly to Church Street Ministries, an organization I whole heartedly believe in. They do an amazing service for the community, caring for those who the world forgot, the battered women, homeless, out of work and out of luck at risk kids.
Fran Millward, the outreach director, is who I want to be when I grow up, she’s my hero. :)
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