Once Upon A Time

Copper window box planter.  I love this! 
Absolutely perfect for my little house. It has taken me all of my life to really find my decorating style….but by George I think I’ve got it.
As an artist, you would think this would come easier…
To be honest, I discovered my style through painting. Years of creepy trees and fairy tale collages has led me to create a home that makes these paintings feel at home.

A real, Once Upon a Time tribute to storybooks.
Plants are key, while most of my trees are bare, I have a thing for houseplants and take pride in their healthy trailing vines.

Outside, I’ve started to take an Edward Scissorhands approach to landscaping and have built unusual topiaries of mythological creatures. This all weather planter would be perfect to house a resident goddess.
Atlas is looking better these days, but this is an example of a little obsessive gardening.

Atlas sits inside, he carries the weight of the world for me near my desk. Working on some other figures to go outside, but they need to proper planter, a boring terracotta or plastic container from Walmart won’t do for these divas, no they need grace and style. Am otherworldly air to their home…I’m trying for a fairy tale look, but do not deal with clutter. One piece, placed with a purpose is better than 15 pieces,”just because”.  Indoor planters full of ivy, and my favorite characters…outdoor planters with goddesses and…a rhino.  The rhino is being built as a gift…he’ll eventually find a new home, one where rhinos rule.  

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