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Charisma, annual painting


 A watercolor/pastel painting i did for the 2nd annual David Lytle Memorial foundation benefit dinner.  (sold for $500, and commissioned for 2 more at the same price! all going to the foundation) 
 The explanation follows;
There are certain things the law of attraction can’t change
I can sit on my porch and believe, expect and envision
but David will not be pulling in the drive
I can get on my knees and pray,
blow out my birthday candles and wish with all my heart
But he’s not wheeling in tonight, or ever
Time passed
The shock dissipated
The loss… forever
David noticed
He listened
Told great stories
Made us laugh
And held us together
His spirit still does.
Dave’s image, aglow in yellow, represents his contagious charisma, while the darkness shows our loss. The trees are growing out of this dark place, growing and glowing in a variety of colors to express the variety of his friends. He clearly did not befriend only a certain ‘type’, like Jackie said at last year’s dinner, we were all his “best friend” 
The David Lytle Memorial Foundation roots itself in this contagious charisma and desires only to carry that spirit on and on.

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