Dead Dishwasher

When I worked at the Improv I loved the bar glass racks. My job was to serve cocktails in the dark, but whenever the trays of clean glasses came out, I loved to load the glass racks.
All the different sparkly sizes of spotless glasses would hang there, locked and loaded for the next rush. No one but the bartender and the waitresses ever really saw how clean they were. The comedy club was dark, pitch dark most of the time, the guests only wanted their alcohol quickly.
 If I were able to recreate that sparkly look I’d install a hanging wine glass rack. Squeaky clean glasses must take hot hot hot water. If I had a dishwasher maybe I could recreate the look, but alas I am hard on dishwashers.
  Not sure what happened this time…or any other time, but it’s dead. I just am not meant to own a dishwasher. Maybe that whole “law of attraction” thing came into play. Using a dishwasher always seemed so useless to me. Either you wash the dishes or you don’t. Rinsing them off is halfway to cleaning them, might as well follow through.
Should have considered the glasses. Washing to spotless is not a skill of mine, washing to done is as far as I go.

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