Missing the Rounds

Ah, fall. This is the time of year when the crazies would hit. A whirlwind of activity would encase my home,  getting prepared for the holiday art shows. I still get the email notifications. The applications in the mail. Enticing. I miss the mess.

Packing up for shows, gathering tables and skirts, setting it all up in the backyard to be sure it worked. I’ve worked with the make shift table set ups but actual, professional
Trade show booths will always have a special appeal to me. The ones with the fancy table skirts and banner stands to draw attention to my display.  I like playing store. It’s like being in kindergarten and setting up the corner shop. Putting on the little apron and taking charge of one tiny little corner of the world.

This year my products are tucked away in the attic. There will be no trade shows, art fairs, craft extravaganzas to race off to this year. The nifty ol’ pipe and drape systems will have to wait for me to come back from the deep. Then we can play again. I’ll choose a small booth, with lots of extras. Put the prints on a rack like this great eco friendly bamboo baby. Arrange the small items on the table. Large items on stands. Oh yeah, I’ll be back. 

( and look, it comes in it’s own handy trunk, cute)

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