Wolves and mammoths and braces oh my!

Now this is a stuffed animal. Bigbos the wolf, brilliant. So tired of the same ol same ol…webkins, ugh please. Yes, they are marketing geniuses, but I won’t succumb. Not even when I saw the vulture. No, keep walking…there has to be toys that look like they were created for the creative child, the one who doesn’t have to have everything in their lives revolve around a TV show or computer screen.

I was flipping through this site and said out loud, ‘I will be an awesome grandma someday’ to which my 15 year old daughter said, well…you could start by being an awesome mom and get me the woolly mammoth.  I think that just by having her, at 15 want a woolly mammoth is a clue that I am a great mom!  Managed to keep them occupied without thousands of brand names cluttering the house or labeling them with Dora this and Hannah that.

I do have an excuse to purchase a Jellycat toy, my sister in law is expecting…and my little sis is off at college, she’d love a little huggie…and her tastes run quite similar to mine, guess my mom did an awesome job too.

 Jellycat, large truffle wooly mammoth, what a sweet little friend to drag around the house, lay on, snuggle with. I can see those tusks doing double duty as teethers too.

The funky little clothing line by appaman is definitely rich old aunt gift material. ( my own kids wear hand me downs and hand mades and are just fine with all that thank you very much ) I do like the lightening bolt polo shirts for boys though, if you absolutely have to dress up at 4, might as well declare to the world, “I’m a fire bolt, watch out”

Lou Lou’s Corner has fantastic eco friendly weird wooden toys…funky clothes, creative books, those amazing stuffed animals that are nearly anti stuffed animals…and not a Snuggie or internet ready toy in sight!  I did run across a barefoot dreams robe…a real robe, not one to be pulled on backwards and worn out of the house….no, a cuddle up on the couch with a good book robe. yummy!   If you cannot easily get up and race to the phone…well so what?  Relax, stay comfy, let the machine get it.
and finally I leave you with this……

Small Paul-Bob the Braces Dog


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