Brain Cloud

In the unpopular movie, Joe vs the Volcano, Tom Hanks a soul sad hypochondriac learns that he is dying, of a ‘brain cloud’,  he accepts an offer to throw himself in a volcano at a tropical island, and along the way there, learns to truly live. 

A brain cloud, I’m thinking that might feel a lot like writer’s block. Such a sorry sap place to be. The only time I face the page with nothing to write, is when I have the carrot being dangled in front of my face. Give me a well paid assignment and I freeze, like a deer in the headlamps.

Eventually, I will get the work done. The words will somehow string along and I’ll make the deadline and all will be well. But this intermediate time is torture. I make myself sick, literally sick, with wondering what in the world to write that hasn’t been done before….and done better.

In the meantime I leaf through my journals for inspiration, pull books off the shelves and surf the internet for something to jump out at me and tell me it’s going to be alright. Flipping around today I stumbled on another one of those how to make money blogging sites thinking there would be a magic trick to blogging for money and allowing me to just write. Blogging isn’t a problem, free wheel thinking, throwing this and that out there, writing like I talk, that I can do. 

You Say Too is the website I stumbled on, it had some excellent blogs on their and so, of course, I flipped through some of them…for ideas of course, anything to spark this frozen brain…no. All it did was make me realize how very prolific those bloggin fools are and how very cloudy I am.  The site itself has a money making premise, something about revenue sharing, which I’m sure will sound good once I jump in a volcano.

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