Shoes and Spirituality

 Just checked my recent statistics on my online articles, and it seems that my “boots for fall” is a hit. Nice. It just goes to show you all those times I told my writing students to ‘write what they know’ or ‘write about what you love’ is true.

If you caught me on the street and asked me point blank if I loved shoes, I’d laugh and say no, of course not. I’m not one of those girls who has to buy a new pair of shoes to make her happy.  But, truth be told, I do love the shoes I have. Most were found for ridiculously low prices, or at a thrift store even. I like myself a good deal, yessiree.

Last week I found my daughter a pair of Candies sneakers brand new at a thrift store, for $3.00 and a pair of adorable pink cowgirl boots, Bass $5.00…and that would have made me happy just as it was. Finding nearly new, brand name shoes in her size at a store no bigger than my living room was clearly a good find. But what was that peaking out from under the shelf? A pair of size 8, chunky high heeled green mary janes. Oh my. not a scuff mark on them either. I slipped them on just to be sure they really were my size and ahhh, perfection.
Black shoes are generally not my style, I would have walked right by the same shoe in black. But green, that’s sealed the deal. Three pairs of brand name shoes for under $13.00.   (and I only had $15 in my purse)

There is an art to this sort of shopping. It’s such a hit or miss sort of deal. All the way home I kept thinking, what are the odds that those three pairs were all in the right size, color and style. I didn’t mention, my daughter specifically asked for blue tennis shoes…and not more than a week earlier we had been looking for boots online, since she wants to be a cowgirl for Halloween.  Pink boots to go with this outfit…

People talk about the art of intention and expecting to find what you need, I believe in prayer, and asking for what you want. Somehow this must have played into the events of the day without consciously pleading for anything.

This sort of thing happens all the time. A few years back I had written in my journal or some notebook..a list of things I wanted or needed or something. ( I’m always writing out lists) and had put red converse down. I have a thing for red shoes and really like converse…anyways. A week or so later I found a pair, for a dollar. They were in the original box, my size, only pair of converse…and red.

As a pisces, we are supposed to be ruled by our feet. There must be something to that.

Do I love shoes? No, but I love my shoes and the stories behind them.

It’s like I’m building my faith, philosophy and wardrobe all at the same time.

boots for fall 2009