it’s mine!

The Elephant.

This is the amazing piece of art I bought at the Pop Shop this past weekend, by owner Rich Cihlar. love this piece, it’s heavy and powerful and made of stone, gotta love that.

There is a lot said about the symbolism of the elephant, in Asian culture, in mythology, in the study of dreams….

“The symbolism of Elephant is ancient…
Ancient Power, Strength and Royalty,
Strength of the Feminine: The Child, the Woman, and the Wise Woman (Matriarchal Head of Family).
The Importance of Family, Fertility, Sexual Power,Discrimination, Clouds and Illusion,
Elephant is the totem of the greatest of warriors, denoting royalty, inner strength and nobility. Elephant carry messages of transformation and spiritual power.
Elephant can teach the adult how to play with others again and thereby restore lightness and laughter to his life.”

Really doesn’t matter, I love it!

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