At first glance this post has nothing at all to do with art, poetry or story….but follow along, everything connects eventually.

A couple months ago, I decided it would fun to try roller derby..and just my luck a brand new league was just being formed, nearby too. So I went to the intial meeting, gave my two cents and signed up.

Wasn’t too sure how I’d do on four wheels, it had been a while since I gave those a spin, and I’m really not a violent person, in fact I tend to apologize for any slight, real or imagined. Then there was the little detail of really not knowing how the game was played exactly, the rules or techniques. But all that wondering was unnecessary, this group of girls is simply fantastic. Comprised of some newbies like me, ‘the short bus’ as we are lovingly referred, and the retired Burning River Roller Girls, who take the time to break down the skills and put us through all the drills that burn our muscles the next day.

Another concern of mine was buying equipment, good skates, wheels, bearings, tools, helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards..all that adds up, quick. I really had no plan there, just a wait and see attitude. Amazingly, one of the girls brought her old stuff to the second practice, had me try them on and ta da, sold! I bought the whole sh’bang for a steal and owe her big time for being so generous.

We are Northern Ohio wRECk Roller derby, officially official now. Which means we all need derby names, I thought I was covered with Shan*Rocks ( the * is a shamrock, see first picture of me in my helmet)
But, alas, it’s not so easy. Apparently we need to register our names, and it has to be different than any other flat track derby girl in the country.
Soooooo, after reading the list of names, I’ve settled on a few possibilities. Being a fairy tale, mythology loving, risk taking, curious chick…i’m thinking
“Shandora” …. since Pandora is one of my favorite stories…

Here’s a quick refresher, and my favorite take on the story …. she was totally set up by Zeus.

He gave her the gift of curiousity and sent her off with a clay vessel to deliver to Epimetheus, telling her not to open it along the way. Zeus was offering the lovely Pandora to Epimetheus as a gift, something gods could get away with, apparently.

Hera, Zeus’ wife overhears the plan and gives Pandora the gift of hope as well. She sensed some trickery afoot. Hera was hip to Zeus and his deception and meddling ways, let’s just say it wasn’t the first time.

Pandora opens the vessel of course. Evidently, the pot contained despair and dark notions, which were now let loose on the world. Thank goodness gal pal Hera added hope to the mix, counteracting the despair in the vessel.

I like to open every single jar, door, invitation, book, nook and cranny that catches my fancy…hence roller derby ..and even my wild roller coaster ride of an art career….we are here to try it all on for size, every adventure, encounter and experience!

see, there was a tie in… ciao!

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