Meet Oksana. She’s my fancy Russian dancer bird. Her pretty black eyes are hidden under her fluffy feather do.
Feather boa hair is my favorite. Someday, when i’m old, i think i’d like to sport a feather boa do too…blue to match my eyes, although a “blue haired old lady” is sort of cliche’, so I may reach for the pink, bring some color to my pale Irish skin.
Sesame Street and the Muppets first brought feather boa hair to my attention of course. I’ve always loved how it moved. It’s happy hair.
Growing up, one of my career aspirations was to work for Jim Henson’s Creature Shop or at the very least create on my own terms like he did…and a couple decades later…I do. I like to think my “Creativity Explosion!” classes are my own sort of Creature Shop, on a very small scale, but mine. This week they start back up and I can’t wait to throw new materials at the kids and see what new creatures grow!
(speaking of materials, except for the glue, everything else from the coat hanger legs to the newspaper body, to the paint and yes even the feather boa was recycled, or repurposed….seeing what I have and challenging myself to make something out of it is more of an economic decision rather than an enviromental choice, but it works on both levels!)
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