Confession. I am in an abusive relationship…with Lonely. He waltzed into my life a while back, as if he was invited. He wasn’t. I wish he’d leave already. There is no love between us, never was.

Lonely likes to hit me over the head, mainly at night when I least expect it. Blindsides me with weapons I have no defense against. Nothing subtle about this fellow. He envelopes me in a frozen sort of pain.

I never quite know what to do when he shows up. His very presense blocks me from making plans, and holding a conversation is a struggle when he is standing over me.
I’ve heard rumors there are others like him, harassing people. It’s their thing I suppose. Move away, they follow. Tricky fellas to get rid of.

Sometimes he lets me go and I can pretend I never met him… for a brief moment….when he finds out I’ve been cheating on him with Happy…. well, it’s not good.
One day I’ll gather the courage to leave him behind forever. For now though, I’m sitting here with Lonely, while him and his cousins Sad and Pathetic tell stories and laugh at my expense.

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