My Good Day

It makes me so happy. 
Silly, ridiculous happy.
I love the energy, mixed with the uncertainty that I’ll be able to hold it all together…without alerting the ‘adults’ in the building.
I have a high tolerance for noise….. and appreciate the madness of creativity.
The mess and mayhem make me simply giddy.

This school year started without me, since my ten year old was in the hospital for most of September. It was a rough go, and when the bills start rolling in…well…. but he’s healthy and home again and that’s what matters.

So, today was my first day back. I was a little nervous walking in to ‘my classes’ that were already started by someone else, someone I’ve never met, who doesn’t know what I meant by, “Creativity Explosion”. But it went well, better than expected, still riding the high of a day well spent.

This is what I would do even if I didn’t paid, now that’s the mark of a good career choice.
In fact, if I ever did fall into a huge vat of money…I’d simply do more of the same. Teach more classes…to more children…for free….in places where art is a luxury that isn’t even considered.

I get far more out of the experience than they do, I have to admit. Confidence is not something that comes easily to me, but put me in a classroom, and I’m home.

For a few years now, I’ve taught creative writing and poetry with a few random art classes thrown in here and there. Put together a spy science classes where we made great spy gadgets and talked espionage, was hired as a mad scientist to travel about and do wacky experiments. BUT this year is my year.

I proposed Creativity Explosion and it was accepted. This is the art class of my dreams, the one I would have wanted to take as a kid.

In other words, I had a good day.

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3 thoughts on “My Good Day

  1. I enjoyed this very much! I can relate to your sentiments in a lot of ways, Shannon. I’ve taught poetry to prison inmates on a volunteer basis – and even though I hope to procure some sort of grant/funding so I can do it on a more regular basis, I am happy to do it for no money at all. There are other, less tangible forms of compensation that are often far more fulfilling.

  2. thank you! You’re so right, funding would be nice, especially since my work ethic seems to be upside down, I hold many jobs but enjoy the ones that pay the least or nothing at all to the assignments that pay the bills…..screwy. The world needs people like us though.

  3. Wow!!! That is really great and a blessing to Love your job. If I had all the money in the world I certainly would do something other than my current 9 to 5. Following your Passion = Chasing Joy = Awesome!!!

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