Rally in the Alley

This is a shameless plea for help…..The David Lytle Memorial Foundation needs your help!
We are the charity working the upcoming Labor Day Rally in the Alley events and are short on LABOR!
Drag a friend along, make a friend, bring a stranger…whatever! Give us your Saturday or Sunday night for a great cause, listen to great bands and have a blast…
Saturday 8/30 ZOSO (Zepplin Tribute)
and Sunday 8/31 WISH YOU WERE HERE (Pink Floyd Tribute)

We need help manning the beer trucks, the ticket booth, merchandise tent and floaters…and people willing to “lei” the crowd :) In honor of David, we sell lei’s through out the night, he’d be so proud.

If you are available….please contact me as soon as possible. Alan Pratt is freaking out.
my email is one2seven@hotmail.com.


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4 thoughts on “Rally in the Alley

  1. Alan, this is Jason Bodak. I think I can help out. I tried e-mailing you, but I must have an old e-mail address, because it bounced back. I used something like apratt@msn.com. What’s your current e-mail address? Or I can just go through Shannon, and she can fill you in. Either way, I’ll let you and/or her know for sure sometime tomorrow (Saturday, August 23). I really want to help out!

  2. Hello Alan!I contacted Shannon as well to let you know I will be coming home this weekend to visit my folks and would love to help. Just need to know when and where to meet and I will be there! ~ Linda Campbell (Talmon) My email: Linda@cure4als.org

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