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At my high school reunion this weekend there was obviously alot of talk about Curt.

(one of our fellow classmates who was in a tragic accident this past April.)

see http://jillandcurtlucas.blogspot.com/

Shane Potter in particular, asked and as the night went on practically pleaded for me to throw the word out that they need help getting the house ready for Curt, so he can come home.

“bodies” he kept saying, “we need bodies”

I know it’s a huge burden on many of Curt’s friends to divide their time between making an income for their family and helping out the Lucas’s. ( of course they weren’t complaining, but there was alot of emotion over the whole situation, as I’m sure you can all imagine… those of us who were close to David have been there)

Curt and Jill’s house needs serious renovation/adaptation in order for him to come home and get around. So much is needed, mostly time and energy. As you’ll see in the their blog, they need… people to help out with Electrical, Plumbing, Excavating, Roofing, Siding, Heating & Cooling….much of the work has started, but there is so much to do still.

Brainstorming…any ideas, help, time….would be be greatly apprecitated.
And not just by Curt and Jill…but the community at large and by people like Shane who have been splitting their time between making a living for their own family and donating their time and services for the Lucas’s.

tag, you’re it!

PLEASE pass the word

thanks :)

here is Curts address at the VA hospital if you want to send him some love

Louis Stokes Cleveland Dept of VA Medical Center
10701 East Blvd
Cleveland, Ohio 44106

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