so what do you do?

Random shots of where i spend my days….
facing this way…
( my crazy messy desk! the purple bird was a gift, her name is Stella)

…..or that…

( work in progress…actually this used to be a painting i never quite liked, so i’m reusing the canvas…coat one.)

sometimes i’m in the office….shipping department

or pulling prints…. restoration work…or listing online….or packaging….

i like my work, it’s eclectic to say the least, all the unrelated parts make up my career….

this has been the focus of much thought, especially now, with the 20 year reunion coming up…i wonder, how to answer the question…’ so what do you do for a living? ‘

i could honestly give a different answer to most people, and if I figure in all the grouping possibilities, i may be able to give a different answer to everyone who asks….what a concept, a challenge.

I guess once the studio opens, that will be the main answer to give, i own a studio…but that starts up a whole new realm of possible answers…teaching, in my own studio, holding shows, running the shop…

there will be the nurses, the accountants, the teachers, the construction workers, the insurance people, lawyers, computer guys ( or gals)

and then…a artistcreativewriterpoetantiquebookrestorerantiqueprintsandmapdealerartteacher

creativewritingteacherpoetryteachermuralistoccassionalimprovwaitressjewelrymakergalleryowner….. i think i can spit that out quickly, maybe in a sing songy voice,
yeah, it can be done, besides it’s all formalities anyways. the only thing that really will be discussed after the fact is how so and so looks, who looks different, who looks better, worse, ha!….sad, but true. :) I’m still looking forward to it. There are so many great people i graduated with that, because of my extreme shyness and the whole structure of the high school experience, never got to know…but through the magic of the internet…have found them and have decided
i really like ’em after all….too bad we can’t have a do-over, or spend more time together than just one formal night…but now we are dealing with posturing and the structure of life …
oh well, still looking forward to it.
i suppose, if asked what i do…i could simply answer, i am an artist. that should encompass the whole of my story…and could have eliminated this entire blog. :)