living shadow

The painting.

“Living Shadow”

Never, ever one to voluntarily speak in front of a crowd or ask to use a microphone…I did.

I had to explain this painting.

It’s simple, plain and not really all that exciting…but there was a purpose behind it.
Out of all the ideas I had and all the paintings I started, this one begged to be finished.
To be the debut painting for the foundation.

I was asked to create a piece to be auctioned off each year…
so, in order to fully express my feelings and capture both the heartbreaking loss of David
and the beautiful emerging body of work that is, the David Lytle Memorial Foundation,
I used every color in my paintbox.

This portrays how David soaked up all the colorful people, experiences and adventures he encountered thoughout his life. The bright and shiny, the dull, the dark, the pure, the wild, the cool…and he blended us all together, creating something that wasn’t there before.

The landscape was painted to show the vastness of his world. As confined as he was, he lived a large life, far reaching, expansive.

The empty wheelchair, is a sad image, but it casts a living, growing shadow….all of us, we are Dave’s living shadow, and it’s just budding now,
The David Lytle Memorial Foundation is all about growth and possibilities.
I am honored to be a part of it.

Directly after speaking, I made a beeline for the back door…walked out…sat outside…but I heard that it went for $750.00. Humbling.

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  1. shannon you of all people could catch David’s sprit you have such a strong connenction with him that you know how to bring that out with you art

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