sweet fairy tale dreams

I love this bed. I always knew that whenever I replace the bed I’ve had since a teenager, it would be an iron bed of some sort. Canopy beds and frilly numbers never enticed me, but this is a canopy I could sleep under. It’s $15,000…a wee bit out of my price range and budget, (of zero, nada, zilch, nothing….)

But like my foray into welding and all the nifty things I was able to produce, thanks to a generous and adventurous man who turned his studio over to me, maybe I’ll meet someone with the tools to go about putting something like this together. Stranger things have happened.

I now have projects of all shapes and sizes in waiting, things I’ve seen and want to try, techniques that fascinate me, sketches of paintings, outlines of books, skeletons of jewelery designs, themes I want to explore and classes I’d love to teach….along with all the books I want to read and places to explore…
sometimes I wonder what it would be like if I could only focus on one particular thing, to master a certain something and just do that. ( it would make it enormously easier to answer the casual..” so, what do you do for a living? ” question!) but, I really enjoy the chaotic commotion and perpetual planning, the uncomfortable newbie feeling and the daydreaming.
Besides, it’s all connected, each project feeds on the next and i get to meet all sorts of fascinating new people along the way. There isn’t a destination point, like I wrote about in my lost essay, except to experience and create and feel alive everyday. Live inside out, heart on my sleeve, give and love and stay awake……
unless i’m in my tree bed, then i can sleep. :)

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