The Treehouse
820 College Ave.Cleveland, Ohio 44113

“If down-to-earth is your style, stop in at the Treehouse, where the beer list is taller than the giant tree behind the bar.” (a little review found on the web) seriously though, I fell in love with this building and the comfy cozy feel of the place.

My art is up for the next two Tremont Art Walks, held the second Friday of each month,
July 11th and August 8th. My art loves this place too, the trees are so happy here … I brought my camera…but, in the mad rush to have everything purty for the show, I forgot to charge it, much like my neglected and uncharged phone.
I will take a little trip up to visit soon and will also be posting some pics of my new artwork.
The art has taken a good turn, it’s playful and fun and seems to smile at you.
The creepy trees are in a good mood these days.
Anyways, please take a looksie at the Treehouse sometime. I will be at the art walks and lurking around every so often with my little red camera.
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