going sane

here she is, Imagine Studios….figure i don’t have nearly enough stuff to do, only the benefit dinner and auction, 20+ paintings due within the week, hundreds of prints to scan and list for the book dealer, the twenty year high school reunion, volunteer for the swim team, little league games, soccer games…the mountains of laundry and the feeding of growing athletes…

highly distracted, this bright and shiny ( if only in my imagination) building caught my eye, a half mile from my house, a quick bike ride to work. :)

the plan, to offer classes here…rather than travel from one part of the state to the other…hold my own shows, pour my life into one neighborhood for once.

it needs a little work, has three rooms, this front one for the public, for classes and eventually monthly shows…the next room, nearly as big, for my own studio, there is a wall in this space where the bakery had commercial sinks ( I need to find myself some of these!)
this will also be a good place for my kids to hang out…then the back room has two little bathrooms ( much cleaning needed ) and walls of shelves, a nice little storage room.

Crazy excited about the prospect of this whole new venture. Will hang on to two of my teaching contracts and the work with the book dealer…crazy, but not stupid, will need the income.
I’ve been dreaming about this for so long, have notebooks full of details, plans, ideas…now I need to transfer them all into something a left brained human can decipher. Spreadsheets, business plans, finances….not afraid, just have to remember $4.00 a gallon…now that scares me!

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