seinfeld moment

“what kind of dog does George Clooney have?” was the casual question posed….

“WHY would I know that?” was the too quick answer I gave….

Normally not an immediate reactor, my slightly self righteous, or condecending tone took me back a bit. Answering a question with a question, generally not a good idea either.

Once I realized everyone else at the table seemed to know all sorts of little facts about this man and his animals, I felt like slinking out the back door. Why, how, do they all know this? I don’t know the names of all my friends children, definitely not their ages, or if they have pets….

To be honest I know alot of little factoids about this celebrity or that, i listen to the radio, NPR, World Cafe and stand in line at the grocery store and soak in all the magazine front covers …but at the same time i have little interest in the lives of the rich and famous, the popular crowd just never had me envious. I don’t really care how they lost their weight or if they gained ten pounds…or what pets they have.

Come to find out, he has a pot belly pig and did or does have boxers ( in case you are every asked…and if you really want to admit that you know) This is actually relevant …. in a round about way…. my kids came across a white boxer pup that was to be put down by the breeder, because she isn’t show quality….well, in the midst of my deadline induced frenzy…i said yes…to another animal. So, Gertie, the 8 week white boxer is now mine. Just like George Clooney.

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