knew me when

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil… monkey’s are home. These silly little fellas were sketched out back in, um…1990-something….paint was added to their bodies around 2003 or so…the background added here and there in 2006 or 7…and finally framed a several months later. They made a few art shows, traveled to a cafe for a surprise showing and now…they are home.
I know, as an artist, ( especially an artist who relies on this income, ) selling these critters should have been a goal, but I’ve learned. ..there are some pieces that aren’t meant to be sold, it took me a long time to realize this simple fact. Some art attaches itself to your life and shouldn’t be sent away in exchange for a silly electric bill. The history of my life is in them. While these were just sketches they moved no less than 6 times, there wasn’t a real plan, i just drew them, that’s all…in fact there are other sketches on the flip side of the monkeys.
There were other pieces that I’ve lost forever, no record of their existence, sold before i thought it would be wise to take photos or scan them for my portfolio. Or gessoed over in a fit of sheer hatred for everything i’ve ever done.
They aren’t masterpieces, no incredible works of art, just drawings…made before I would dare tell anyone I was an artist, this was hidden art, just for me.
I like their simplicity, I like that they knew me ‘when’.

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